Tuesday , May 11 2021

"Spurs" also loses "Clippers" – basketball – Sportacentrs.com

Davis Bertans spent only two minutes tonight at the team, who did not score points and missed both runs. Bertan played in the first half of the match, received one note and +/- minus seven.

Demurz Derouzens, who helped finish the first half of the team almost in balance (60:61), was successful in the Spurs, although Clippers was almost always at stake. In the third quarter, Derouzens came out with a wonderful shot in which he sent the ball into the hive after turning his own, but in the third quarter, "Clippers" managed to make a slight breakthrough.

The last quarters in the introduction to the "Clippers" were ten-times dominance, which "Spurs" gradually broke. At the end of the match, Brin Forbs threw himself a significant distance and 70 seconds before the end, Lamarussis Aldridge scored two goals in the penalty shoot-out of 107: 107. The attack was followed by the Clippers Detachment, in which the first shot was unsuccessful, but then Lev Villiams, however, pulled the distance into the basket.

Derouzens replied with two points in a row, while Klippers was two bullets. Scoring 109: 112, Spurs stayed for 27 seconds but failed to guess, as Derouzens did not arrive and lost the ball, resulting in a loss of 111: 116.

"Spurs" this is the third loss in a row. Yesterday there was a great excitement against one of the leaf pastors, Phoenician "dog", but before that, the Sacramento "Kings" was lost. With a score of 7-7, Spurs were now ninth in the Western Conference, while the "Clippers" were the ninth victory in 14 games.

The Los Angeles team scored 23 points for Luis Villiams, 19 added Danilo Gallinari, but points to Heris' account. "Spurs" finished Derouzens with 34 points, but the accuracy of the throw was not the strongest side of Old Ridge – he scored only three of 15 goals from the match, the court had a double double advantage with ten points and 16 rebounds.

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