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The concert of Brainstorming in Liepaja will provide a track of bicycle monitored


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Also this year, on July 20, Brain Storm Group ERGO, a long-term co-operation partner, will be in charge of guaranteeing it Wood drum tours At Liepaja's concert, bicycle owners would provide a comfortable and safe bicycle shelter. All the visitors of the concert can park the bike for free in a secure and insured parking lot.

"Skanku bungu tūre" is the first tour of respectful concerts with the environment in Latvia and the Baltic countries. Continuing with the good tradition started last year, this environment-friendly, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions that are respectful to the environment will be used to encourage the public to pay more attention to the environmental impacts and climate change, which now They are a particularly current issue in all sectors. Also at the environmentally respected concert tour of the group "Prāta Vētra" last year, ERGO provided the possibility of placing bicycles in a bicycle seat watched in concerts in Jelgava and Riga. Approximately 250 concert visitors used this opportunity to Jelgava, while in Riga there were just over 2,000 concert visitors.

"In the summer season, the bicycle is not only a practical and practical means of transport, but also a vehicle that respects the environment, so we encourage visitors to take a bicycle trip. Thinking about sustainable development, ERGO employees are also looking to contribute to the environment daily: we plant trees every year, we have planted 30,000 trees for a period of eight years and we have significantly reduced the circulation of paper using a ton less than paper. office There are a number of things that everybody can do on a daily basis, so in the future, Latvia will delight everyone in their green and glorious environment, including the possibility of replacing the car with the bicycle as much as possible. ERGO will provide more than 700 seats for a comfortable bicycle parking lot, a secure and safe bicycle haven for visitors to Liepaja's "skard drum tour". Invite the visitors to the concert to support the conservation of nature and a healthy lifestyle, if possible, go to a weekend concert in Liepaja with a bicycle to enjoy the concert of the favorite music group of Latvia without worry about your safety, "invites Ingrīda Kirse, member of the board of directors of the ERGO insurance company in the Baltic states.

ERGO bicycle storage will be available after 8:00 p.m. 17.30 at the entrance to the Daugava stadium. To reserve a place for a bicycle shelter, the visitors of the concert will have to sign up for the "ERGO Velonovietne" event at the Brainstorm Concert in Liepaja in the social network Facebook noting that a concert of bicycles will be visited.
ERGO is the official insurer of the "Brain Drum Tour" concert tour of the "Brainstorm" group, which offers civil liability insurance and continuity of events for all concerts in Latvia.

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