Friday , March 5 2021

The Court of First Instance acquitted / Day

The prosecution had asked the court to impose a four-year prison sentence on both defendants. The prosecution also demanded the confiscation of property in Mainz, deprived of the right to hold the position of board member in state and municipal capital companies for five years.

On the other hand, Osinovsky was not obliged to pay any additional penalty. The prosecution also requested the recognition of 499,500 euros, which were confiscated with the arrest of both, as criminal assets and confiscated for the benefit of the state.

Commenting on the court ruling, the prosecution, through press secretary Aiga Eiduka, points out that the prosecution will definitely appeal the ruling.

Former employee of the Office for the Prevention and Fight against Corruption (KNAB) Juris Jurašs, who has worked with the case and is currently a deputy of Saeima of the JKP, By day He said the court ruling was no surprise to him, as there had long been rumors that Judge Kārlis Jansons was preparing an acquittal.

According to Juras, the case has gathered enough evidence for a conviction. Saeima’s deputy also expressed his personal doubts about the honesty and professionalism of Judge Jansons.

It should be noted that in January last year Janson was disciplined by the Judicial Disciplinary Board – reprimanded, was convicted by ex part negotiations or negotiations without the participation of both parties, in the spring the Judicial Qualifications Board made a negative assessment.

Yelena Kjatkovska, a lawyer for Estonian millionaire Osinovskis, said in a statement issued shortly after the court ruling: “I have already pointed out both the poor quality of the accusation and the absolute lack of evidence, so this court ruling is natural.” . The lawyer considers that the trial is fair and legally correct.

Day In an article of September 18, 2020, the KNAB and the Prosecutor’s Office reported that the task of collecting and obtaining evidence was unsatisfactory: “New facts arise about what has been called” Jurassic methods “in the legal community during years: carelessness, negligence This may lead to the declaration of the only record of negotiations, the content of which the prosecution considers evidence that Osinovskis paid Magonis a bribe of half a million euros to get a victory in the purchase of locomotives, obtained illegally and, therefore, invalid “.

The author of the article is the publicist Lato Lapsa in the October 5 article Day mentions that with regard to the labor defects of the KNAB and the prosecution, it is not just a telephone conversation, probably obtained illegally. “Apparently, the accusations also tried to cover up the shortcomings of the investigation and extract the maximum from the conversations,” Lapsa writes.

Jurašs himself, who asked him to comment on KNAB’s bad work and the illegally obtained telephone conversation mentioned in Lapsa’s articles, which cannot therefore be used as evidence, replies that he has not read the articles, therefore nothing can be commented on.

In the summer of 2016, then-KNAB official Jurašs publicly announced that he had been offered a bribe to reclassify Magonis and Osinovsky’s criminal proceedings from bribery to influence peddling, for which the law provides for punishment. much lighter.

Jurašs claimed that even before the public announcement at the time, the KNAB and the prosecution headed by Ēriks Kalnmeier had reported on the attempt to bribe him. Jurash said that without following the reaction and investigation of these institutions, he decided to inform the public of the incident through the media.

In connection with this, criminal proceedings were initiated for Jurash’s actions in disclosing this information in public, and the prosecution accused him of deliberate disclosure of a state secret. The case is currently pending in the first instance.

It should be remembered that, according to the indictment, in the summer of 2015, Osinovsky paid a bribe of about 500,000 euros to LDz rolling stock service purchases of several million: the purchase of old diesel locomotives from a company owned by Osinovsky Rail plus skin.

Osinovsky himself has repeatedly stressed that he, in a private capacity, has paid Magonim a commission for the use of his private contacts on the Russian railway to renew the contract between Daugavpils locomotive repair factory a Russian railways.

The KNAB investigated the criminal proceedings before handing him over to the prosecution.

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