Saturday , March 6 2021

The man is denied a kidney transplant due to Covid-19

Mārtiņš Čampe is a 29-year-old sporty and active man. Behind the sports exterior are serious health problems. He has kidney failure and, in order to live a full life, he needs an organ transplant, reports

Mārtiņš has the most severe kidney failure. He has been living this diagnosis since 2014. Seven years ago, he first encountered the problem, after the flu broke out, kidney failure continued to be a complication.

In 2020, his health deteriorated sharply. For a couple of months now, Mārtiņš has been undergoing kidney replacement therapy: perotoneal dialysis. As his health deteriorated, Mārtiņš joined the line of a kidney transplant.

On the morning of January 12, he received a call from an unknown number. A kidney suitable for transplantation was found. Mārtiņš was very happy, because he often has to stay in line for years when a suitable spare part is found.

The man gladly went home to prepare for the trip to Riga. However, it was discovered that the daughter was Covid-19’s contact person. He called the hospital again and told the doctor. At that moment, the phone went silent and the doctor said he was waiting for the next call.

The operation has been canceled. Although Mārtiņš was the intermediary contact person, the operation is so serious that it could not be risked.

He acknowledged that the whole family takes all security measures very seriously. There was only the risk that they had decided to continue taking their daughter to kindergarten, a member of the group had become infected, so their daughter was designated as the contact person.

Mārtiņš does not blame the doctors for canceling the operation. He stresses that the public must understand the extent to which non-compliance can affect others. It is not yet known when Mārtiņš will have a chance to go back to the operation. It’s like a game of chance, because you can’t know when a compatible organ will be found, it can take a few years.

The medical transplant doctor at the Pauls Stradiņš University Clinical Hospital, Jānis Jušinskis, admitted that this is the first case in which surgery should be denied due to a failed match. The doctor admitted that it is possible to wait at this point, as this is not an emergency operation.

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