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The owner of Liepkalnu registers the company with the idea to develop the legendary restaurant "Senite"


Last week, AD "Sene", owned by the baker and confectionery manufacturer SIA "Liepkalni" Dagnis Cakurs, was registered as "".

Cacar recalled that before that time, he presented the idea of ​​developing the Senite restaurant complex, establishing a public AS, in which everyone would be able to buy stocks or shares, becoming one of the owners of the former Senita restaurant. According to him, the idea of ​​developing "mushrooms" is still not lost. "Seine" was registered with the idea of ​​providing catering services at the restaurant complex "Senite", making it AS, whose staff is at the same time a shareholder.

"In the long term, we intend to do business as a starting point when choosing" Fatties ", but it will depend on several factors, so I can not say 100% what this concept will be like. It will be less about retail, as well as our [“Liepkalnu”] the main activity is providing catering services, "said Chakour, adding that instead of the former" Senita "restaurant, due to its status as a cultural monument, it should have been built more than restaurants combined with bakery and pastry shop, but before that, it is not quite clear idea , he can not say more about this.

The information "" suggests that "Sene" was registered on November 5 this year, and its share capital is 35,000 euros. The chairman of the company's board is Dagnis Chakurs and board member Iveta Šmit. Chairman of the company's board is Agne Chakure, Deputy Chairman of the Council is Arnit Truksna, and member of the Supervisory Board Ieva Zarina.

It was announced that in July 2017, "Liepkalni" in the social network "Facebook" issued a call to all those interested in joint purchase of the former Senita hospitality complex in Incukalns. Chicago at that time said that real estate agents were referring to the opportunity to buy "snow." Chikhur looked at property three times and concluded that he could develop. Looking at Sneijte's assets, he got the idea of ​​establishing a limited liability company in which one could buy shares or shares, making him one of the owners of the "Senate". Such an idea came from the memory of Soviet times when there were consumer associations. Although at that time there was another economy that the market did not specify, according to the owner "Liepkalns", the AS form would be similar, which would help create a unifying object.

At that time the owner of the bakery pointed out that there are several ideas for the development of the building, including the possibility of creating a baker, a cheese factory where visitors can get involved in the production process and buy something from products, as well as shops and restaurants. In the event that people respond to the initiative of Liepkalns owners will not be expected, one of the options would be that the company itself can develop "Fungi" as a mill for grinding and grinding flour, as well as creating a store of restaurants and brands.

It was also reported that the then famous restaurant "Senite" was listed on the list of protected national cultural monuments. This means that the owners of an empty building of the Soviet era should not be demolished. However, there is no intention to rebuild the former restaurant – owners are planning to sell the building.

The "Senite" restaurant on the Vidzeme highway was built in the middle of the last century. Initially, this place created a tea tree with a berry-leafy mushroom. Later on this site a new complex of buildings was built, which was called an architectural masterpiece from the XIV century.

According to, SIA "Restorant Senite" was liquidated in 2010. The most important owners of the company were SIA AVE Astra and the Central Union of Latvian Turiba cooperative associations. The companies Seniete, AVE Astra, were the former president of the Central Union of Turiba, Ivars Strautins, Vice President of the Confederation of Employers of Latvia and Atis Sausnitis, who at the time held the leading positions in "Turiba" and "Rigas piena kombinats", " In Laima "," Baltic Damage "and others

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