Monday , May 10 2021

VEF immediately attracts two US guards

Latvian vice champions were attracted by two US defense players in Riga VEF – Andrev Andrev and Beiden Jaksen, the United League site of Latvia and Estonia.

The 25-year-old head of the game, Endrjush from 2012 to 2016, was a Washington team. Last year, he scored an average of 20 points at the NCAA tournament, but he was not selected in the Draft National Basketball Association.

Continuing his career, Endrussus tried to prove himself in the NBA Summer League where he represented Los Angeles Klippers, but offered to the contractor Charlotte Hornets, who left the guard after three test games. VEF basketball will not be the first experience outside the United States, since after releasing from Hornet, Endrush became a member of the Turkish "Best Balikesir" unit, with an average of 14 goals and 3.2 goals in 19 goals.

In the previous season, the basketball player returned to the United States, representing the Philadelphia "76ers" collection in Delaware's G-league "87ers".

Another VEF journalist, 28-year-old Jackson, has more experience than American basketball, but was unable to consolidate into any team. In the previous season, a 191-centimeter basketball player who could play as an interplan manager, he played on an attacking defensive position in Qatar, where he represented the Kuater SC team.

Like Andrew, Jackson also asked to enter the NBA, trying to prove himself in the NBA Summer League, but Portland's defense attorney Trail Blazers was unnecessary. A North Carolina graduate went to Europe, where he joined the French naval unit, but the season ended in the NBA development team in Los Angeles, D-Fenders. Jackson later introduced clubs in Canada, Cyprus and Greece.

"VEF Riga", which currently has one win in seven games in the overall league of the VTB Unitarian League, takes the last place in the competition of 14 teams, while in the Latvian and Estonian basketball league seven games suffered only one loss, giving a third place in the competition of 15 teams.

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