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Zibax: The judges robbed us of some of our decisions


The Latvian women's basketball team at the end of the European Championship must demonstrate the ferocity of the final round of the subgroups tournament, after the national team's senior coach, Martins Zībarts.

You have already informed that the Latvian women's basketball team on Wednesday at the end of the European Championship runner-up in Riga with the result of 56:59 (17:17, 8:18, 10:14, 21 : 10) granted the title defender Spain.

"In defense, we could stop them. Especially in the last quarter, we played with our best potential, "said Zeichart for the performance of the Latvian team." That's why we have to bring the emotions of the last quarter to the next game. "

"I am proud of the spirit of the team and the battleship. The girls fought to the end and showed how to play basketball in the team, "congratulated the coach of his subordinates.

The Latvian and Spanish teams also made a cross check during the meeting cycle, when the Spaniards finished 77:51. On Sunday, the Latvian team played with a shorter composition than the game.

"The game with this show shows the progress we made this month when we were preparing for the European Championship," said Zyber. "Of course, we have made a lot of mistakes in the attack, but I think the judges have left us unfairly several times, which in some attacks robbed us."

However, Zebart did not hide that one of the main cases in which the Latvian team is working is the movement of the ball. "We are trying to play basketball team: we move the balls to look for enemy errors. If the opponents are weaker in the game of play – pushing them if they are worse than baskets, we play there, "said the specialist in a national game plan.

Zyzbart did not consider the technical note received in the last quarter that caused problems in the team in the next few minutes. "I do not think it affected the game. I tried to break the game a bit, so judges would judge more objectively, "added the Latvian national champion." In the last quarter we got a wave, we did a play and the whole track was full adrenaline In the next game we will definitely need these emotions. "

Latvian basketball players at the eighth final on Monday will likely meet in Sweden, unless the Swedes win a sensational win over France.

"Let's take a look at the track of these games. It's clear that Sweden has many good players, but the game is not over yet, so we may have to win in France, "Zibart said possible opponents on Monday.

Aija Brumeramane, coach of the Latvian team coach also coincided with the coach. "I am proud of the team, today we have a good defense game. We woke up a bit late and made many mistakes in the attacks," the player explained about the episodes of the game.

"We played a good game and I believe that emotions today will give us energy for the next game. In the same way, the sixth player was excellent today, and we hope that tomorrow's game will be the same, "Brumermane said.

In Group A, three wins in three games won Spain, followed by two hits in the UK, a win in Latvia, the second position among British basketball players and third in Latvia. Meanwhile, the fourth with three losses was Ukraine.

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