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A serious gap in "Bluetooth" … The spyware that has accompanied you has become easier


Researchers in information security have warned that there is a gap in Bluetooth technology that allows users to spy on various smart devices and control the sites they find.

According to a study published by experts from the University of Boston, Americans are exposed to these risks: users of "iOS" and "Microsoft" devices, as well as some portable devices.

The American research focused on how to connect the two electronic devices, especially because "Bluetooth" is widely used in the exchange of files and data.

When a device is connected to an external Bluetooth, the main device is the first communication source, while the other device, a secondary device, emits a signal similar to the IP address, but this signal contains information about the connection

The signal is intended to be randomized because it constantly changes to protect the identity of the user, but can be detected through a Bluetooth monitoring program, according to the website of Engadget.

"Most operating systems on computers and smartphones offer a random address so that they are blocked in the long run," the researchers said.

Windows 10, iOS and MacOS, which often transfer important data between different platforms, are free of risks, especially because the information that is changed is not numbered.

The researchers found that users of Android devices are not exposed to this problem and explained that the gap does not allow data hacking or stealing, but it allows knowing the location of the device owner.

The researchers said that those who carry the Smart Fit Fit watch are the most vulnerable to this gap, since this portable device does not change its address, which means it is easier to control.

To avoid this gap as much as possible, experts advise that the Bluetooth feature is off and open only when necessary, but assert that this is not the only device to spy on and monitor the device at this time.

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