Sunday , October 2 2022

Above the "absence" of Hariri .. And how long ?!


Sources close to the "new" center that the absence of Prime Minister Saad Hariri has nothing to do with the peace conference in France, stressing that Prime Minister Hariri will be absent from Lebanon until next week, because he will return to Beirut to attend a legislative session and probably He will again go as soon as possible to report your complaint to the task of the author's task.

The Future Parliamentary Bloc held a meeting in the center of the house headed by Bahia Hariri's deputy, discussing the latest developments and general conditions, and finally issued a statement read by MP Henri Chadid, which reads:

The bloc has confirmed that the efforts of President Saad Hariri have led to the readiness of the government's formation of the revolution, which has exacerbated the shock caused by the discovery of a new demand for impotence that has led to a suspension of the formation process.

Welcoming the position of His Excellency, the President of the Republic, who rejected this unequal demand, he felt that his position showed a high sense of national responsibility and wished to form the government as soon as possible in order to face the serious threats to Lebanon and their economy and security.

The bloc considered the logic facing President Aoun and Prime Minister Hariri to interfere with the alliance and government and the interests of Lebanese good logic. It is not fair to compile MPs associated with various blocs and mainly represented in the government to seek an additional ministerial post outside the context of the national agreement and the understanding set by President Blocks involved in the government.

The Bloc stressed that what reinforces the suspicion that this request is not only aimed at obstructing the formation of a government is the knowledge of the parties concerned and from the first day of consultations with which it will meet with the categorical and decisive dismissal of the presidential candidate and a large number of Lebanese and political blocs.

The bloc halted efforts made by Prime Minister Hariri with Algerian officials to avoid the emergence of electricity in Lebanon in a fuel supply crisis that prevented Lebanon from increasing hours of power cuts from their homes and interests. And he stressed the need to find a solution preventing the repetition of such a crisis that awaits the formation of a government, which sets the main priorities to fully and finally solve the electrical crisis.

The bloc debated the House of Representatives' call for a session of the law on necessity early next week and decided to participate in this meeting in order to preserve the interests of Lebanon and the vital Libyan people.

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