Sunday , May 22 2022

An unexpected cause of cancer and premature death!


A recent study by the American Cancer Society has found that social isolation increases the risk of premature death and cancer, with varying effects depending on ethnic groups.

For white people (unlike other groups) it has been found that isolation significantly increases the risk of developing carcinoma. For the properties of dark skin, loneliness doubles the risk of premature death.

Social isolation increased the risk of premature death by 60% in white men and 84% in women.

For all, it is obvious that social interaction is essential for survival. Lack of human communication leads to high blood pressure and inflammation, and many of us turn into an unhealthy habit that only speeds up all previous problems.

The study points to the duplication of real risks of loneliness, which may worsen during the holiday season, at a time when many feel the need to surround them with loved ones.

Social isolation is different from loneliness, which is a temporary scenario, while isolation is a long-term lack of communication with others or with society.

This study is one of the first research to confirm the specific dangers of social isolation for each ethnic group.

In the past, studies linking social isolation with fatal risk showed a risk for whites, and researchers have tried to explain that human communication is the key to survival.

In the course of the past century, our understanding of the evolutionary significance of physical and social interaction has increased significantly. For centuries, we know that isolation is not a good thing, but recent research has shown that social isolation can be as serious as smoking cigarettes.

A team led by Cassandra Karaz, director of the research on health disparities in the American Cancer Society, analyzed data from 580,182 adults enrolled in the Cancer Prevention Study 1982/83. Years were followed by 2012.

A 30-year study gathered information about the social factors of each person, such as the number of close friends or relatives and the number of times they met, whether they were married, divorced, or unwashed, and how often they suffered from loneliness.

Accordingly, researchers have given each person "degree" of social isolation, ranging from 0 (most units) to 5 (most social).

They then questioned whether there is a connection between this outcome and public health, as well as the age and cause of death. They found that the association was unequivocal. Most socially isolated people are more likely to die in any way.

White people showed greater willingness to develop cancer, the factor researchers could not explain, but hoped to know why.

More importantly, the study showed the importance of showing greater risks for all races. The researchers found that loss of contact with people has more severe effects on African Americans than any other sex.

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