Friday , May 14 2021

Apple is essential. Amr Diab's most prominent vessels to keep it thick

Many of us are interested in learning the secret of the youth enjoyed by the plateau Amr Diab, which is characterized by consistent consistency without any shortcomings, is considered one of the stars of the highest attention for health and nutrition and exercise, and the exercise is permanent, it is the dream of every young man to appear like him, and through these lines Who killed a plateau in everyday nutrition.

Calories burn meals

The plateau depends on eating foods that help reduce fat levels in the body, as well as eating a small amount of food during meals. It focuses on some foods that help burn calories and help stabilize weight..

Apple is essential in the life of the plateau"

Plato is eager to eat fruits, especially apples, in the morning, as well as to eat in all forms.

In most of their meals, "plateau" wants to add asparagus rich vitamins B6 IC, What helps us burn fat.

Like eggplant, it depends on the addition of parsley to various types of government, as it helps to relieve stomach and release the body of toxins and fats that can accumulate in the digestive system.

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