Wednesday , May 18 2022

Apple launches an unprecedented handset


The US Patent and Trademark Office has announced that Apple has recently registered a patent for a new type of headset.

The idea of ​​these headphones today differs from those on the market. The user does not have to adhere to his correct appearance, i.e. Left and right sides like in other speakers, but advanced techniques will identify the right and left ear of users.

Another significant feature of this handset is that it is equipped with sophisticated speakers that can largely filter sound, isolating the outside noise to adapt the user to work or perfectly listen to music and could wirelessly connect to various wireless devices.
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For only $ 30 .. "Shavomi" launches the competition headphones for "AirPods"

According to leaks, Apple will benefit from its expertise in the development of these speakers to add external noise isolation to the AirPods speakers that will be launched next year.

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