Friday , July 1 2022

Casual, Soiree and Jumpsuit … See the costumes of the actresses on the third day of the El Gouna Festival – VideoYoum7 | The seventh day channel


  1. Casual, sarau and monkey. See the costumes of the artists on the third day of the El Gouna FestivalVideoYoum7 | The channel of the seventh day
  2. Special “Art”: Who is the artist Dana Hamdan called “arrogant”?Elfann
  3. Dana Hamdan attacks a star at “El Gouna Film Festival”: “Ugly Arrogant”his magazine
  4. Dana Hamdan criticizes an artist at the opening of the El Gouna Festival: I heard you beat … In general, it’s roundSunrise
  5. “The artist is reputation and literature.” Dana Hamdan attacks one of the artists at the El Gouna Festivaltoday’s news
  6. See full news coverage on Google News
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