Friday , August 12 2022

Chelsea defender calls for the use of mice technology in the Premiership


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Thank you to the reader Chelsea Defender demands the use of mice technology in the Premiership and I assure you that we are always trying to land you with details

Chelsea defender Antoine Ruediger uses referee Farrell's referee Farrell after receiving an unexpected warning at the Everton game.

Rudidiger said on Monday that video technology should have been applied as soon as possible after receiving a yellow card after attempting Bernard, the Brazilian wing of Everton, to strike him at a yesterday's meeting.

"I see you have to use the mouse in England, because Bernard has a problem, and what happened was that he fell to the ground without me, and I told him to stand and run and run to me quickly, and bowed his head and received a warning .

Kevin Friend did not see the German striker on the field after Bernard's shot, but later made a yellow card for both of them, which Roger does not accept because he would video the video to the referee.

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