Tuesday , March 2 2021

Coinciding with the demand to defeat Bashir … Sudan's Defense Minister is addressing his officers

The Sudanese armed forces confirmed their support to what they called the overthrow of the Sudanese state exploiting the economic crisis.

The declaration of the Sudanese army coincides with the continuous protests that demand the resignation of President Omar al-Bashir in the context of unfavorable economic conditions.

Khartum – Sputnik. "The armed forces are fully aware of all the plans and scenarios that have been prepared to exploit the current economic conditions against the security of the country through the so-called armed uprising," said Defense Military Awad Mohammed Ahmed Ben Awaf, during a speech to the officers of the Military Academy of Nimeiri.

He noted that some tried to cause the armed forces and their market towards behavior to be illogical and inadequate due to their condition and history.

"The Armed Forces will not allow the Sudanese state to fall or stand in the unknown," said Dr. Kamal Abdul Muroer al-Mahi, chairman of the Joint Cabinet, added that those who lead the scene in demonstrations are those who have been hostile to Sudan and distorted their image in front of the world. Organizations and support the rebel movements that have been fighting against the armed forces in recent years, "as described.

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