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Cooler erases all its losses – Morning analysis – 12 -11-2018

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Thank you for reading the news about a file that deletes all your losses – morning analysis – 12th-11th -8th, and now with details

Dubai – BASSAM RASHID – Forek Nevs Today, after the Mubarrad transport company (MUBARRAD) fell in its last session, touching its simple moving averages over the past 50 days, which received some of the positive pulses that helped her to retreat would wipe out all of its losses, The main short-term and mid-term negative lines along the trend line, along with the RSI, will reach overburdened areas.

Therefore, we expect that the action in the next trading will decrease, targeting the key level of support of 54.70, during resistance resistance of 62.00.

The trading range for today is expected to be key support at 56.00 and a key resistance at 64.00.

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