Sunday , October 2 2022

Darian wanted a delegation of "Sunni deputies" to facilitate the birth of the government and Almshnouk thought they used the wrong door …


Interior Minister Nihad al-Mashnouk said that the candidate for President Saad Hariri "will not apologize and form a government, and we do not accept either him or his excuses." This is his right to the constitution and will be formed in days or weeks. In our political neighborhood or in our surroundings, there is no one who accepts his apology or the political forces that seek him. "

After meeting with the great Mufti Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Drajan, he said that "Dar al-Fatva is a conscience of the Sunnis in Lebanon, a home of dialogue and moderation that welcomes all Lebanese."

Referring to the question about "Sunni MPs", he pointed out that "some fellow delegates used the wrong door, walked out of the outside door, not from the inside door and was not the appropriate entrance." He asked "to act calmly and wisely even if it lasted for several weeks, but the government will be formed by national standards, which see Prime Minister Hariri and his base of understanding and dialogue with everyone, not everyone."

Sunni messengers

Drian also met with a delegation from the "Consultative Meeting of Independent Judges Sunnis", composed of MPs Abdul Rahim Murad, Kassim Hashim, Adnan Trabelsi and Al-Valid Sukkaria.

"The great Mufti of the Republic listened to the views of the deputies and their views on developments and their request for a minister in the government," he said, adding that "the door of Dar-al-Fatva is open to all Lebanese," hoping that "the government will form support of all political forces and leaders, Elected from duty to pass laws and hold the government accountable for their work, and there is the integration of labor between those within the government and those in the House of Representatives. "He wanted everyone to" do everything to facilitate the birth of the government. "

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