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Discover the "secret" defense system in our bodies unprecedented!

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Researchers at the Massachusetts Academy of Dermatology and Eye Research have uncovered "unprecedented" defense against bacteria entering the nasal passages.

The function of these exfoliated vesicles, called exosomes, is not only the killing of bacteria, but also the warning of surrounding cells to protect against pathogens.

To determine the precise role of exosomes, the researchers analyzed nasal tissue in the laboratory, as well as in patients who operated in the nose.

The results showed that within 5 minutes of exposure of nerve cells to bacteria, potentially dangerous, the doubling of exosomes in the mucus doubled.

"They have been vigilant in killing bacteria, such as antibiotics," said a sinus surgeon and lead author, Dr. Benjamin Bleier. "But all the little vesicles do not destroy the bacteria. Many of them go to the back and merged with other cells to warn against invasive pathogens.

The researchers then discovered that they then put proteins and some of their genetic material into these cells, so they were armed with dangerous bacteria.

This study could explain another conclusion that small capillaries in nasal passages raise pathogens in the nose instead of pushing them out.

When the cells on the back of the nose are alerted to dangerous bacteria, then the pathogens could be swallowed and destroyed by the gastrointestinal tract, says dr. Bleier.

Researchers are planning to study how exogaments connect to cells, hoping to make this process more effective.

Exozomes, discovered in 1983, are associated with the health of the individual as a whole, including the risk of cancer.

This comes after a study released earlier this month shows that "lame" can help develop a long-lasting "influenza vaccine".

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