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Egyptian News Arts / Aline Lahoud is the director of her new album "Shiloh." The composer is one of his heroes


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The rhythmic "Shiloh" song belongs to the Bedouin color played by Allen for the first time in his career, which can be adopted in the future as a musical line.

The clip is a short film in the Beshmazine area, where Allen brought together Lebanese artists and communication companions, led by Nader Khoury, songwriter and the role of the tribal sheik, Dori Alsamrani, the clip hero, and Mirna Mukherzal, Emad El Fagaly, Shady Risha, Mei Matar and Rana Khounad..

It is worth mentioning that Aline Lahoud participated in the production of "Mix Music" in the first and second season, which was broadcast in Dubai TV two years ago.

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Date: 07-09-2019

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