Sunday , May 9 2021

Features you may not know about Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung’s One UI is one of the most prominent customizable interfaces in smartphones, as it allows you to customize your Samsung Galaxy phone as you wish, through many options and features that you can use, but at the same time with this number of functions It means that it is difficult for you to know them all, for this reason today we will present some useful functions that you may not have known before.

1- Customization of the infinite home screen:

Of course, you can customize your Samsung Galaxy home screen in a number of ways, but you may not be aware of how far you can go when using the One UI, as the features this interface offers go beyond the simple wallpaper change.

For example: You can access many professional customization tools by holding down any point on the main screen, where you can access other features, such as: customizing icons and fonts on your phone, changing the way apps are displayed, and appearing in the home screen the settings icon that will appear on the left of the screen.

2- automate some tasks with Bixby:

You may not be able to compare Samsung’s own voice assistant (Bixby) with other voice assistants like: Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, in fact, the built-in feature (Bixby Routines) is accurate instead, where you can use it to do some tasks without you, depending on things like your location or phone status.

For example: When your phone connects to your car’s Bluetooth, your voice assistant can automatically perform various tasks, such as displaying the Maps app, opening the Music app, keeping your phone unlocked for easy access, or unnecessarily turn off phone functions so as not to consume the battery.

To activate the feature, follow these steps:

Open the application (Settings) on your Samsung Galaxy phone.
Click the (advanced features) option Advanced features.
On the screen that appears, activate the button next to (Bixby Routines).
On the next screen, you can view your actions, customize a routine, or select predefined actions on the Recommendations tab.

3- Add widgets to the Samsung Galaxy phone lock screen:

Adding widgets to your Samsung Galaxy home screen is a great way to access additional features and quick information, but you can also add some widgets to your phone’s lock screen, allowing you to view information without having to unlock your phone’s screen. phone. enable this, follow these steps:

Open the application (Settings) on your Samsung Galaxy phone.
Click the (lock screen) Lock screen option.
Click the (Tools) Widgets option.
On the screen that appears, you can activate the tools you want to see on the main screen, such as: the weather widget or the calendar and other tools.

4- Activate the dark mode at the system level:

You may be aware of the Dark Mode feature, which has become a basic feature in all applications and operating systems, but on Samsung Galaxy phones you can control this mode as you wish, as you can only control it manually or configure it. so that it works according to a schedule, such as: change The phone automatically switches to dark mode with sunset at sunrise or custom programming settings.

In addition, you can use the Eye Comfort Shield function to reduce the amount of blue light on the screen in the evening to help you sleep better, where you can activate the function by following these steps:

Open the application (Settings) on your Galaxy phone.
Click the (Show) Show option.
Toggle the button next to the option (Eye Comfort Shield) to the activated position.

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