Wednesday , October 5 2022

Find out 6 creatures living in the human body … What are they?


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Not all small creatures living in the human body cause disease, but some of them are harmful, and some are harmless, according to a medical report.

Some types of creatures live either on the human body or inside it, and vary in their work, says Web Medicine. The most important of them:

The face

They are small creatures, live in human hair and fed with fur heads. In principle, ears are not considered serious, but they cause itching, which is very addictive and usually affects children in primary stages.


Ringworm is a fungus that earns you in different parts of the body. If the head is infected with a ring, it can cause hair loss in the form of a ring, but in the feet causes what is known as athletic feet.


This worm can pass through the skin, especially if walking barefoot. The hive lives in the intestines, usually leaves the body itself, so it is no longer serious.


This is most commonly among people, hurting people for contaminated meat. An infected egg can be seen in the worm and its parts in its own waste.


These parasites are tiny spiders, which live on the surface of the face and increase their presence age.


Small parasites that live in the intestines and are transferred to your body when swimming or drinking lake water or contaminated food or infected human.

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