Tuesday , June 22 2021

Follow the prestige of the series, episode “25”, details of the tiger trap for Mount Exciting Events via MBC4

Fans of Syrian and Lebanese drama are waiting for the release date of the new episode of the series “The Response” 25 through the satellite channels “Ruya” and MBC 4 and others, as this series managed to attract many of different parts of the Arab world and the prestigious series was shown for three previous Parts and we are currently watching the fourth part of the prestigious Response series, which stars Tim Hassan and shares with him several distinguished heroes, and the events of the series of prestige revolve around the story of a mountain of drug traffickers and their revenge for those who wounded him in previous seasons.

The Prestige Series, Episode 25

The joint work between Syria and Lebanon was distinguished and won the work of the prestigious series, which created numerous audiences around the world, and we will wait together for the presentation of the new episode of prestige 25, the answer today Wednesday at ten in the evening, and we will oversee the events of the episode and the details of the event between Abu Jabal, Nimr and Rania. , As there is a disagreement between Jabal and Nimr and he tries to make him fall between him and Rania and insult him.

The new episode will feature many interesting and exciting events, as a result of what happened in the previous episode of the fall of Shaheen and Jabal Al-Sheikh in a trap set by Nimr Al-Saeed, and the occurrence of many injuries and damage to Jabal’s men, and also there Umm Jabal discovered the betrayal that Rania made of her, and this will be The episode is full of emotion and suspense.

Watch the date of episode 25 of the prestigious Respond series

Our appointment will be to watch the prestige, episode 25, this Wednesday, at ten in the evening, on many satellite channels, including MBC 4.

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