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George Vassouf: The time for the music industry is over. And Egypt is the mother of the world and art


Mohammed Abbas

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Thursday, November 8, 2018 – 20:48
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Thursday, November 8, 2018 – 20:48

Mohamed Abdul Moneim Al-Savi Culturevheel organized a press conference for the Sultan of Al-Tarab George Vassouf as part of preparations for his concert at the Al-Borou Theater in Sakya.

The conference began on the third afternoon at a hotel selected by George for its founding in the presence of engineer Mohamed Abdel Moneim El Savia.

Thanks to George at the beginning of the interview, the organizers allowed him to be at the heart of his audience in Egypt and expressed his fortune to revive the opening ceremony of the Alburou Theater.

He continued: "Egypt is in my heart. If Egypt stabilizes, everything agrees."

He continued: "I like to sing the Egyptian dialect as in most of the poems I have presented, such as the Mother of the World and the Mother of the Art", wanting Egypt more prosperity and successful projects.

George has discovered that he will end up shooting a new video that will be released a week later and that he will soon prepare six songs, but has not yet decided on the album.

As for new singers, George commented: "Many of them are good, but they have to do more. The most important thing in art is" sweet word and beautiful melody ".

"I do not drink anything," he said. "Words have a meaning and a beautiful melody, because art is not a game."

George emphasized that the music industry's time has come to an end and that music is currently being used for entering commercial and social networks into everything.

"I did not divide it," he said.

Asked if he would collaborate with Egyptian artists in his songs, he said: "It's an honor for me to deal with Egyptian artists and to be second."

He said he was writing autobiography, but he still did not decide to ask him, refusing to comment on his political views: "I am an artist, I respect my republican and keep my opinion for myself," he said.

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