Tuesday , May 11 2021

Harmonization between power and decline today focuses on the approach of reconciliation and convergence

In his first comment on the reconciliation of Lebanese forces and Marda, MP Ibrahim Canaan said in an interview with the BBC that reconciliation is more important than any immediate interest. Opens the door to a democratic competition or a political alliance leading to more democracy. , And to prevent alienation and hatred due to mistake or negative work that happened in the past, the shift becomes a kind of instinct.

"We should not be afraid that if we talk about politics after reconciliation, we will be those who offend him. On the contrary, no party in the world or a political move will look at politics towards vision and political interests," he said.

"We congratulate Christians and Lebanese on what happened, and we consider it a commitment to reconciliation and reconciliation, especially since we held the same position on June 2, 2015 and ended on January 18, 2016.

In response to the question of the Maarbas agreement, he replied: "Any political understanding that can make a difference and it is important that this does not affect reconciliation." He said that nothing would affect the meeting of the Bikir that was held today, nothing can affect our reconciliation with the Lebanese forces. .

"Today, we are taking important steps to have the ability to meet or disagree with politics, not hate," he said.
Can the three parties meet at a single table? "Today we are at a single table and we can be tomorrow, and commitment to reconciliation opens the door for a meeting or disagreement," he said. "My faith and my advice to everyone is not to think about the annulment of each other, or believe that one of us can achieve isolation from others, in the power of the Union and thus with the wealth of Lebanon and the power of Christians."

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