Tuesday , June 22 2021

Jordanian engineers developed the first engineering social network in the Arab world

The Union of Engineers in Jordan launched the first engineering social media platform in the Arab world, called the “EngIn platform,” and announced it through the press conference chaired by Eng. . Ahmed Samara Al-Zoubi, the head of the Engineers Union, who expressed his happiness with the new platform, stating It is one of the important steps that help launch digital services that are compatible with the developments of the modern era and that they adopt the principles of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and everything related to it.

He explained that the platform is a social engineering network that offers all engineers and stakeholders the opportunity to exchange experiences, learn about new cultures and help provide job opportunities for new graduates, which are proportional to their specializations in the fields of engineering, indicating that the platform has many advantages. Including the formation of a large database, which contains the experiences of stakeholders and their resumes, and everyone can have the opportunity to communicate directly, with one or more people, creating communication groups.

Al-Zoubi added that the platform offers the opportunity to publish scientific research and studies conducted by researchers in the field of engineering and allows members to know the latest news from the union, what it does in terms of work, the dates of conferences or workshops and know the offers of the companies. The union invites engineers to update their data, whether they live inside or outside the country.

For his part, the engineer / Ali Al-Ibrahimi, CEO of Manaseer Company, which specializes in information technology, which is the strategic partner of the platform, stated that the union strives with its utmost to keep pace with the times and implement digital services that serve engineers, improve their efficiency and take advantage of all the capabilities that facilitate their entry. The labor market and be up to date with the latest developments in the technological fields.

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