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Kanaan: The priority is to maintain stability and reconciliation


The chairman of the financial and budgetary committee, Ibrahim Kanaan, "will tomorrow witness the last two meetings to approve the budget credits, to remain a final session to solve the pending problems, then raise the final report to the president of the House of Representatives, who will leave it after this date of the General Assembly's call to approve the budget, "and said:" We have modified many of the 99 items included in the draft budget and We verified the 27 billion in a record period, and we have reduced and corrected the government project, we will announce at a press conference announced for this purpose, has witnessed serious meetings in the deal with the parliamentarian. "He said.

Kanaan commented on the mountain incident saying: "I would like to thank the victims and wish them to the injured and the injured to recover. What happened is not easy if you want to. Explode. Therefore, everyone should know that Lebanon is for everyone. No one comes into the house of others. "He said.

"When General Michel Aoun returned from exile, he said from Beirut airport when asked about the past, we do not remember the past to go back to him, but to learn" goes to say. And we take lessons to know how to deal with the future, and our understanding is the best test, and does anyone think that such an incident, threatening civil peace due to a political position?

"Political forces must resort to the State, provide the model to people, not instill instincts, and any political discourse should not lead to what we have seen and the stability should not be", he said. Depending on the word, and we want to accept the views of each other, and not each of the parties in their arms, especially because the Lebanese people reject any justification of everything that comes to progress and their progress sure future ".

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