Sunday , August 14 2022

Kourouani's answer to cement companies … Fadia Daaboul – Ambassador of the North


The ecological issue of cement companies, as well as the progress of the environmental issue related to cement companies on all other issues and issues in the region. This crisis attracts considerable attention of current and former members of Koura, parties, the Union of Municipalities of Kura and municipalities, This Field.

This warning has been translated into meetings and seminars that continue at all levels to exert pressure on cement companies to comply with laws and regulations that are in place to reduce environmental pollution, damage, and danger to humans and distortions of nature.

What led to the convening of a coordination meeting in the center of the Union of Kura municipality with representatives of the present and former Kure and municipalities in order to draw a road map for the next phase of the judiciary, is open to all options.

There are three main trails to follow: the judicial trail, the media trail and the popular and political trail. When the government is formed, the participants will together visit the President of the Republic, the President of the House of Representatives, the prime ministers and interested ministers for representing the environmental issues and claiming the rights of the region.

The era ended with sporadic sit-ins, interrupted meetings and seminars, after the crisis was burned. How he started working on the preparation of court files and called for a press conference to publish the steps and later movements. In this regard, agreements with companies are no longer included, and the draft agreement already discussed between the Ministry of Environment and the Economy and the Union of Municipalities of Kura Tuit no longer meets the aspirations of Koreans, and no proposals and solutions have been offered.

There is no doubt that pollution has reached a zero point towards environmental observers. Therefore, pollution measurement in Alkouri is red and it stops working for several hours.

In the midst of all this, the head of the Association of Municipalities of Kura, engineer Karim Bou Karim, said that "all solutions to the environmental crisis in the Kuran are summed up by applying cement companies to the law on environmental protection and the decree on the organization of quarries and crackers and the law of the Supreme Council for environmental protection ". He emphasized that "they apply companies to laws, so there is no reason or motive behind it." He expressed a lot of confidence "in the judiciary in protecting the rights and protecting them."

"This battle will end with victory, restoring law and applying the law," said Bou Karim.

Researcher and activist for environmental protection dr. Naji Kudaih emphasized at the symposium of the corps of the branch of the Lebanese Communist Party in the center of Najada Al-Shah about the negative dangers caused by the cement companies that followed them since he was an expert at the Ministry of the Environment. Describing the village and complained about the Marshall model of the absence of urban planning and overlapping residential areas in industrial, with the results of a disaster in health and the environment, and reached record numbers. Setting up responsibility for environmental problems throughout Lebanon to successive governments and parliaments.

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