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Learn about the hidden feature of Vattabapp

Learn about the hidden feature of Vattabapp

Vatsab is one of the most popular online messaging applications in the world, with about 1.5 billion subscribers monthly, but despite the ease of use of the application, it has many benefits that it offers, and many users do not know it.

Technical site "CNET", number of useful services that users can "Vatsab" benefit from:

Format the font on request

Vatsab allows you to easily modify the font used in messages to become italic or wide by adding a number of special symbols before and after the words to be edited.

For example, if you want to type in bold letters, place the star at the beginning and the end of the word as * message *, and you can type it italically by placing _ in the first and last words, such as _message_.

Encoding a message

This feature allows the user to easily return to the phone number, address or URL the friend has gone easily. To do this, you should click on a long message, and then click on the star icon.

To display highlighted messages on Android phones, press Menu key, and select Highlight messages or Federated messages.

Who are the users with whom you mostly talk?

If you want to find out who most of the friends you are talking to via Vattab, you can go to Settings (Data Usage, Storage, Storage), where you will see a list of people, and by clicking on each name you will know statistics such as the number of exchanged messages, photos and more.

Android users can do this by clicking the Chat-Conversation Histories-Email Chat button.

Turn off conversation

If you enter a movie or an important meeting, you can use the Vattab function in silent mode by clicking the conversation long, and then the speaker icon at the top of the screen.

IPhone phones allow you to take advantage of this feature by clicking on a contact or group, and then Mute.

Hide "Last seen"

For those who do not want their friends to know their last appearance, open (Settings – Account – Privacy – Last Appearance) and provides and has 3 options to hide the visibility of all and contacts and do not hide.

Disable the message to read the message

This feature provides a solution for users who do not want their friends to know that they have read their messages.

To do this, open (Settings – Account) and disable the appropriate field to read the notification or read the receiver.

Do not take pictures and videos automatically

If you do not want to save and personalize every picture or video you receive, you can disable the automatic save function on iPhone phones by opening (Settings – Talk and Disable Save Incoming Media).

Use Vattab on your computer

Visit from your computer and then delete the KR code on your phone after you click on the Vhatsapp web at the far right of the app.

Export the conversation

To save the conversation, you can "export" it or move it to another device, for example by clicking the More-Email Chat button.

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