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Lebanon: Difficulties in maritime talks with Israel can be overcome

Lebanese President Michel Aoun in Baabda on October 21, 2020. Photo by Reuters. reuters_tickers

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BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanese President Michel Aoun told a US mediator on Wednesday that Lebanon wants maritime border talks with Israel to be successful and that difficulties in the latest talks can be overcome after the postponement. ‘last round of negotiations.

Negotiations began in October with delegations from the two countries meeting at a United Nations base to try to resolve a dispute over their maritime borders that has hampered oil and gas exploration in the potentially gas-rich region.

But the session, which was scheduled to take place on Wednesday, was postponed so that U.S. officials could have separate contacts with the two sides.

Aoun told the head of the US delegation involved in the negotiations, John Deroche, that Lebanon “wants the maritime demarcation negotiations to be successful, because this will increase stability in the south and allow the investment of natural resources,” such as gas and oil “.

The presidency said in a statement that Aoun informed Deroche that “the difficulties that arose in the last round of negotiations can be overcome through in-depth research based on international law and articles of the law of the sea and all legal texts. which are derived from it “.

Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said Monday that it was agreed with the Americans to postpone talks for a few weeks.

The talks are the culmination of Washington’s diplomatic efforts over three years.

Disputes over the maritime border have disrupted oil and gas exploration near the disputed line.

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