Monday , May 10 2021

Mohamed Assaf is equal to Nancy Ajram and reaches 15 million times an empty spot

Palestinian artist Mohammed Assaf has achieved great success with the latest His songs "Your Place Is Empty", launched in mid-September through YouTube, with 15 million viewers, is equal to the number of Libyan singer Nancy Ayram, who won his video "Badna Nolaa Atmosphere", because it was presented in collaboration with the song "Assaf ".

The song "Your Place Is Free" by Mohamed Assaf on the Gulf Dial, the text of Rami Al Aboudi, composed by Ali Saber, Osman Abbou and Platinum Records.

His last work was "Roll Vith It", with pop singer Massari, who won over millions of viewers via YouTube. The song was shot in Dubai for almost two weeks under the director David Zinni.

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