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Neymar offers its services to 4 European clubs


Paris Saint-Germain-Neymar da Silva has offered its services to four European clubs to try to leave the French club.

Spanish newspaper AS reported that Neymar recently offered its services to Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

Although the Brazilian still prefers to return to Barcelona, ​​their fear of obstacles that could prevent him has led to other routes outside the Camp Nou.

The main obstacle to Neymar's return to his former club in Barcelona is money: Paris Saint-Germain asks at least 200 million pounds to complete a partial permit.

But given the Barcelona payment of almost 200 million euros (181 million pounds) for Antoine Grisman and Ferenc de Young, Barcelona certainly has no money to bring back to Neymar.

During his match at St Germain, Neymar scored 34 goals and made 20 more in 37 games in League 1.

Neymar won the title of League 1 successively, three national cups and the player of Ligue 1 of 2017-2018.

But Neymar's reputation has been affected by the failure of St Germain who went past the Champions League in the last two seasons, with several injuries and a short period.

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