Sunday , October 2 2022

Ronaldo has a date against Milan


Cristiano Ronaldo can enter the history of Juventus when Milan is at the top of the 12th stage of the Italian league on Sunday. In the history of the domestic league match, the old lady team shook Milan in San Siro 99 times, Goal 100 was scored at the top of the week.

In ridiculous irony, Juventus's 98th and 99th goalscorer is Gonzalo Higuain, who will be in the match, but Milan's shirt against his former team.

In the case of Higuain, his goal will be 2700, which he won in Juventus in the history of the Italian League.

Juventus is aiming for a victory that will boost their lead after losing only two points in 11 laps, while Milan hopes to win three points to advance in the first three.

(Ski Nevs)

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