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Saudi Industrial Development: Loans from SR 150 million to 2949 factories


22 11 2018

The Saudi Arabian Development Fund (SIDF) revealed 4,305 loans worth 150,000 million licenses, of which 2,949 were financed.

The general director of the fund, Dr. Ibrahim bin Saad Al-Mujal said that the Fund is in the process of developing and expanding its financial and advisory services to include the different logistics sectors, as well as the industrial sector.

"The fund is working under a given system, which allows it to support the industrial sector and its activities, such as industry support services, including logistic support institutions located in industrial cities, but Any economic activity that involves an industrial part Follow the system or requires the support of the Fund as the mining sector ».

He underlined the principle of association with the private sector and worked to explain the strategies and progress in performance The Fund held 35 workshops with the private sector to know their observations and opinions to achieve the # 39; public interest and serve the Saudi national economy and pointed out that all the comments received from the Fund. From the private sector, a precise and adequate reading is carried out, through which the work is carried out. Therefore, the fund works hard to facilitate procedures, reduce the period and meet any delay in disbursement, including the automation of all procedures, which facilitates the process of support, evaluation and monitoring.

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