Tuesday , July 27 2021

Taking happiness lessons improves mental health

One study said college students receiving “happiness” lessons can improve their mental health, according to data from students who have taken happiness classes at the University of Bristol, according to the BBC.

The material includes episodes, lectures, and debates on issues that have proven to be happy.

The study says the mental health of three cohorts of subject students improved compared to those who did not.

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He cited the subject of “the science of happiness,” Professor Bruce Hood, as this demonstrates that the study of happiness improves mental health.

The course studies the effect of isolation and loneliness on humans and how optimism can increase life expectancy and improve brain functioning.

Teaching in this subject began in 2018 and includes research in teaching review in psychology and neurology.

Students also study the effect of sleep deprivation and how walking in the countryside disrupts the work of the parts of the brain responsible for depression.

The subject does not require any test or work, and students get credit hours within the requirements of the university.

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