Saturday , May 8 2021

The big film is shown in the Les Beshr Society

This evening in the Lebanese film will be shown a big film in the series "Lebanese Film" and in cooperation with the association "Lesa Beshr", directed by Mirjana Bou Chaia, who, together with Alain Saade, is at the headquarters and studio of the association in the city center.

The film will be available in English, and the presentation will be followed by a discussion about the film.

A story about two brothers Ziad and Joe, who work in a drug store during their work at a pizza restaurant in the Lebanese capital Beirut, and after leaving their younger brother Jad from prison after serving a crime sentence for his brother Ziad, Ziad decided to leave the job at drug But the dealer who supplies Ziad with drugs refuses to leave the world of this store, and tries to convince him and his brothers to bring the final mission.

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