Friday , July 30 2021

The discovery of an antibiotic helps the treatment of breast cancer

Doctors discovered that Clofazimine can be used to treat breast cancer during the patient's chemotherapy to prevent its development and spread.

Professor Vladimir Kattniev, director of the laboratory of natural pharmaceutical compounds at the department of pharmacy of the Faculty of Biomedical Medicine at the University of the Far East of Russia, professor of medicine at the University of Geneva, said scientists from the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of the University of the Far East and the universities of Lausanne and Geneva in Switzerland, the possibility of using the "Clofazimin" antibiotic used in the treatment of leprosy, in the Treatment of intractable breast cancer during chemotherapy.

"To date, there seems to be no drugs that could inhibit the Wnt signal pathway from which the tumor grows and extends, and it was not found even during advanced clinical trials, but we have shown Clearly in our study that this anti-leprosy medication can be used to stop the growth of negative Triple-chest cancer, we have reviewed this in laboratory experiments with mice. "

This medication has minor side effects when used in correct doses. "We hope that the results of our study are the beginning of large-scale clinical trials in the treatment of cancer."

Russia today

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