Tuesday , October 26 2021

The dollar exchange rate will continue to fluctuate


Expert and financial economist Elie Yachoui estimated that the black market is at its destination and that a few million dollars would cause fluctuations up or down. The exchange rate is expected to continue to fluctuate in light of the lack of dollars and with a government that does not inspire confidence.

In an interview with Voice of Lebanon 93.3, Yachoui stressed that three factors control the exchange rate of the dollar in the parallel market, economic, psychological and speculative, with speculation ahead of others in a reality in which speculators they are stronger than the Central Bank. .

Yachoui spoke of direct losses to the public and private sectors estimated at $ 170 billion, and all promises of bank reforms, aid and restructuring are nothing more than empty talks and do not compensate, even in a small part, for the huge losses, which negatively affects the availability of the dollar.

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