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The Egyptian sports news in Joule reveal – odds for the "day of computing" in Ahli

Al-Jawl reveals the possibility of Al-Ahli's "daily account" in Al-Ahli Source:

Egyptian sports news Wednesday, November 14th, arrived at Cairo airport, the most important for Ahli on Thursday, club president Mahmoud Khatib.

The loss of the title of the Champions League in the CAF caused a red protest from the fans. Club president, in an intervention with the club, promised changes and renewal of the club, stressing the importance of Thursday, at which two important meetings of club president Patrice Carteron, Club Management will be seen.

FilGoal.com reveals, details, prospects and things to consider and which decision may be made in the "Account Day" in Ahli.

Report by Patrice Cartiron

FilGoal.com learned that Khatib asked Carteron for a comprehensive report on all details about the team, players and assistants.

Hatib asked Carteron to send him this report directly.

Hossam Ghali, Saied Abdel Hafiz and the ball board

Several sources speculate at the club that the next phase will witness the rise of the role of the duo, Saied Abdel Hafiz and Hussam Ghali.

FilGoal.com has learned that there is a possibility of selecting one manager of the manager.

If Al Khatib keeps Ioussef as manager of the ball, the duo is expensive and Abdelhafiz is nominated to play other roles for the ball team.

Restructuring the medical device?

In Al-Ahli there is a desire and study to restructure Patrice Cartieron's medical and support system.

The planned loads of Dutch Michael Lindman missed Maran Ahli on Wednesday, and the man who previously worked with Martin Joly was subjected to many accusations from the massive sector due to muscular injuries to team players, such as Kalid Mahmud, a team doctor.

Alkai and preferred contracts

FilGoal.com learned that Al Khatib received the promise of Adli Al Kaiii, the contractor's adviser, and Mohammed Fadl, chairman of the board, that the winter transfer season should be an opportunity to demonstrate the ability to carry out the task entrusted to them.

FilGoal.com was released from the financial ceiling for contracts and there was a semi-open budget for contracting to support the team.

African List

Al Ittihad in Al Ahli coincides with the need to send an African Preliminary List of the new version of the African League League, which must be sent to the club at midnight on Thursday.

Stability was limited to 23 players, leaving 7 places empty.

But FilGoal.com has learned that whoever is bound will not have the immune to leaving the club under the waiting for a "comprehensive skin change" next summer.

The original list will not include waiting players, such as Amr Gamal, Amr Barakat, Rami Rabia, Junior Ajai and Saleh Juma. They will also fight winter jobs in the remaining 7 places.

Also, there are names that will be hard to find on the list, such as Bassem Ali, Mohammed Najib and Sabri Rahil.

Moamen Zakari's position remains suspended in light of the delay in negotiations for the renewal of his contract.

The club's chairman is expected to see the latest deal in the negotiations with numerous players, most notably Ahmed Saleh, defender of the Lebanese federation and winger Hussein Al-Shahat Al Ain UAE and Tigers Mohammed Mahmoud Vallei and attacker Taher Mohammed Taher to Arab performers.

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