Saturday , April 17 2021

The night of the capture of the gypsy woman

"Lebanon debate" – political editor

All the indicators were a day before the government's formation, which brought together the adviser of the parliamentarian Faisal Karami, Othman Majzoub, the honor of representing the consultative meeting of the independent Sunnis deputies, so that some go Start preparing for celebrations of congratulations and the media and in some halls, refuses to represent a third person from the western Bekaa, and as if he were the son of his rival, Abdul Rahim Murad?

During this time, it was said that the name of Majzoub and Kufta returned is the chairman of the Nabih Berri Council, who hoped in the honor of Karami that he came from the consultation minister, so he tried to support him "from below the table ", so that during the meeting of the Hezbollah leadership delegation consultative, the lean towards Majzoub, knowing that the leadership of the party tried to calm souls among the members and try to dissipate your concerns.

At this time, the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Minister Gebran Bassil, was looking for a suitable person to work, that is, he had left the "freedom" of the consulting minister in the presence of the powerful Lebanese blog "when necessary or when if you name it ". Bassil accepts the presence of a minister calculated on the mass of the former minister and head of Al-Marda Suleiman Franjieh!

It is said that when the actions of Majzoub were increasing, Gibran was taking a step in the direction that Murad Murad was in charge of it.

In general, Bassil, who found that Murad Murad was the best one to translate the conditions established for the minister, took the persuasion of the president of the Republic by choosing the name of Murad from his participation, and so it was.

Mourad recently said that he was elected by the president, who left the anger of parliamentarist Karami and his ally in the meeting MP Jihad Samad, as he left the first heading in Tripoli shortly before and then the right to meet before they would appear on Twitter, congratulating. As usual, the soft justification is always "predetermined."

In light of this, the other parties in the consultation decided to stay together in the media and express any history of dissatisfaction or dissatisfaction, but not enter into any debate and show the situation as " acceptance and support ". Hezbollah has returned and has entered the line to keep life alive in the body of the meeting.

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