Tuesday , October 26 2021

The old man of the mind is unknown to us


The head of the “Lebanese Democratic Party” deputy Talal Arslan and the head of the “Arab Unity Party” Wiam Wahhab sponsored the opening ceremony of the “Martyr Muhammad Abu Diab Park” in the presence of the “Strong Lebanon” bloc deputy. Mario Aoun, Deputy Secretary General of the “Lebanese Struggle Movement”. Tariq Al-Daoud, Major General Ali Al-Hajj, members of municipal councils, optional agencies, cultural, social, educational and health actors and a delegation of sheikhs and residents.

At the beginning, Wahhab delivered a speech in which he welcomed the attendees and addressed the deceased: “By your likeness, the gardens are worthy and your equestrian trees become swords that shine above your solid head and because you are the beloved son who departed from me in body and remains in my feelings and sentiments, and because you reside among the members of my family and my city, you made your stay beside a house. The city is a forum for all children, young people, sheikhs and mothers. Whenever we come to the house on any occasion, we will meet with you as a welcome as you used to raise, gathering words and inclusion, loving all people with their different orientations and tendencies ”.

And he said, “Today I miss you, dear, more than ever, the lover who gave his soul for my soul and paid for his blood instead of mine, so that you were the trustee. of trust and you were the lighthouse that defended the dignity of your city and your mountain and its pride, whatever you do and no matter how hard I try to honor you, I will pay you little, while you have given a lot, but the most sublime thing you possess in this life, is your soul and blood.

Wahhab addressed Arslan: “As for you, dear prince, from the first moment you stood tall, as usual and your story, we will go together and no position will change us from staying by your side. “She is terrified by an expedition, and will not deviate from her constants, for she and death are sympathetic, when death is a path and a path to a free and dignified life.”

He added: “We are the people of monotheism. These are our traditions and customs. Whatever damage any member suffers, all members fall on their support, so we will make this mountain with you and with all our strength. approach, a refuge for unity, a secure life and social stability, and above all, that our work remains bound to stand by their minds and their good supplications, and that their Honorable white turbans continue to deceive our existence, as they are the yeast of wisdom, reason, and monotheism: Sheikh Abu Muhammad Saleh Al-Andari, and our Sheikh Sheikh Anwar Al-Sayegh, and all Sheikhs of Al-Bayada , Ma’sari, Baysour, Rashaya, Al-Shouf, Aley and Al-Matn, with respect and gratitude as they are able to guide and unite us in a way that protects our people and our mountains, and are the first reference we refer to and their advice in t ot right to preserve existence and take on the role we seek, to be in the position we have been in throughout history, and here I will not forget our sheikh, Sheikh Abu Ali Suleiman Abu Diab, health conditions of which they prevented him from being present among us and who was with us in the most difficult times. Saif in his position, never withdrew from saying the word of truth, because he believed in honorable wisdom that says that he who is silent about the truth is a dumb demon.

And he concluded: “Honestly, the Emir, we and you have never chosen the right political path that protects this mountain and this sect. The vision of the future, that this vision is the vision that will win in the end and that this vision is the only one that can protect and liberate Lebanon and be the way out of Lebanon, so we ask the current government to complete what the previous government started on the issue of relations with Syria and to develop that relationship so that it is the only one for Lebanon.

Then there was a speech by the head of the “Lebanese Democratic Party”, in which he stressed Wahhab’s constants in his speech, “either at the internal Lebanese level, or at the level of the regional relationship and its consolidation and development with the sister sister, with the presence of the sovereignty, blessing and care of my brother President Dr. Bashar al-Assad. ” He greeted President al-Assad from this stinking mountain and from Bani Ma’ruf, and a heartfelt greeting, as Bani Ma’ruf is famous for his loyalty and sincerity to all who offer them sacrifices. and help, and how not? “mechanism”.

On the subject of the sheikh of the mind, he thanked Wahhab for his generous initiative. He contacted me and made a serious effort based on the union of the sheikh of reason and the solution of other problems facing the unitary Druze sect. We are with you, and on this basis the famous meeting of Khaldeh took place, and on this basis it was agreed to meet with Khaldah that day, and the speech was clear and explicit on the need for the reunification of the sheikh of the reason according to the monotheistic foundations and principles based on the association of the venerable clergy and their consultation to seek a suitable way out. On this issue, and this is what happened, he wrote the statement and Wahhab delivered the statement on behalf of the meeting. ”He said,“ What happened was a coup against what was agreed. in the meeting with Khaldah, in its absolute form and content. Faced with this painful reality, there was a serious opportunity to reunite the sheikh of the Druze mind. sect, but unfortunately this opportunity was missed. “

He added: “For us, Sheikh Akl of the unitary Druze sect is His Eminence Sheikh Nasr Al-Din Al-Gharib, and we are fully committed to this issue, until we reach a day when it will reach a serious agreement with the religious first, and then time.And as we are committed to His Eminence Sheikh Nasr Al-Din Al-Gharib, we are committed to a statement by Sheikh Anwar Al-Sayegh on behalf of the spiritual body on the his approach to the subject of the sheikh of the mind.

He declared: “The refusal to impose a consummated fact on the religious body and on us, as no one can impose on us a consummated fact, especially on the question of the Aql sheikh of the unitary Druze sect, the endowment interest and the These three issues concern all the unifiers of this land, as well as the great ones. It also belongs to the young, of course, and first to the religious body of the Druze monotheistic sect. ” he is no spiritual leader, but is a representative of the clergy to the official authorities, because if he were a spiritual leader, the religious authority and the main religious authorities of the sect agree to appoint or choose Sheikh Akl for the unitary Druze sect. It will be a testament to more coordination and unity in situations, as only your fingernail will rub your skin. “

Arslan pointed to the merits of Abu Diab, who has “knowledge and relationship for decades on a personal, family and public level, and Wahhab’s honor to the martyr Muhammad is not surprising because authenticity and duty say so.”

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