Friday , October 7 2022

The solution of the node presented on March 8 lies in raising Hezbollah's hand in question


The free-patriotic party said that "the break-up of the representative post on March 8 lies in the fact that Hezbollah raised his hand to the issue and the initiative to hand over nominees to take over ministerial portfolios." Al-Ahrar said in a statement that "the end has come to an end and that the postponement of the fulfillment of rights has repercussions on the overall situation in general, especially because of the economic, social and life crisis."

The announcement points to the escalation of the owner of the generator in protest of the installation of meters imposed by the Ministry of Economy in order to preserve the interests of citizens. "We have already appealed to them to positively address this issue, which does not diminish their rights, and we hope that they will respond today and cooperate in the public interest, emphasizing a radical solution to the electrical crisis and can be secured by accelerating the construction of new production plants gas fuel additive for economic and environmental reasons, and on the occasion we call for renewal of the Zahlje Electric Power Concession to maintain the achieved achievements and continue to take responsibility from any other consideration. "

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