Monday , September 26 2022

Turkish player has dinner during a break between two halves!


Besiktas decided not to waste time and dinner between two rounds against Istanbul Pakchak Shahir in the 11th round of the Turkish Football League.

Besiktas coach, Shinol Gonch, was surprised when he came in after the break, and the result was the ultimate goal of his team in a wardrobe with an unusual scene when the middle of the field Tulgai Arslan, who remained on the bench, Meso.

"Since I will not play today, at least I will have dinner," said the coach, surprised by the voice of the players.

The player remained on the bench until the end of the match and did not play against the Belgian team Ginke in the European league and did not qualify for the second round of the Turkish Premier League.

Beshtas officials are expected to fire Arslan from the first team, offer him for sale in the winter transfer and take care of the services of a German player, a team in Stuttgart.

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