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Warning for summer travelers against measles


Experts at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, a global health center affiliated with Mubadala Investment Company, have advised the doctor to take care of taking all vaccines necessary to prevent travel-related infections, such as hepatitis, typhoid fever and yellow fever. And the desire for many to travel abroad for holidays requires caution and taking the necessary vaccines.

"The emergence of new measles around the world highlights the need to take precautionary measures and ensure that family members take all the necessary vaccines before traveling," said Maria Fernanda Bonilla, MD, a consultant at Infectious diseases of the Cleveland Abu Dhabi clinic. Some important destinations in Europe, America and Asia have constantly increased the number of cases of measles. "

"Adults who have not had measles before or who do not take the vaccine are advised to get two doses, which is an effective procedure to prevent the disease almost completely," Bonilla said. Enjoy or not immune against disease. "

"Measles infection can be transmitted four days before the start of a rash to the patient and the patient can transmit the infection to the majority of people close to him," said Bonilla. They did not have immunity against the disease. "

Measles is a viral infection that spreads through the drops of the mouth and nose and causes severe fever, secretion, cough, red eyes, skin rashes and small spots in the mouth and is more serious in children and people with systems immune weaknesses Noting that recent reports from the World Health Organization that measles cases in the world have increased by 300 percent during the first three months of 2019.

The Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi travel clinic offers advice and support to travelers, in order to verify the presence of risks to health, epidemics or seasonal illnesses and the availability of vaccines and medications, patients who return to travel can also be hospitalized Doubts or doubts about your health.



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