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Internal ear infections are many diseases that cause them pain in the ear.

What is inflammation of the inner ear?

The report pointed out that inflammation of the inner ear implies an injury to the nervous vestibule, a disorder caused by an infection that inflammates the inner ear or nerves that connect the inner ear with the brain.

Viral infections of the inner ear are rare, but are most commonly bacterial infections, and ear infections are not the same as middle ear infections, which are the type of bacterial infection common in childhood that affect the environment.

What is the function of the inner ear?

The inner ear is a tube-filled system of fluids and bags called a maze that serves two functions of listening and balance.

What are the complications of an ear infection?

The report states that an infection of an internal ear infection can sometimes cause a disorder of transmitting sensory information from the ear to the brain and can lead to dizziness or difficulty in balance or vision or hearing.

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