Sunday , March 7 2021

White x black .. Nicole Saba is upset with the stone of the house: kidnapping the best days of our lives

In a black-and-white image, Lebanese artist Nicole Saba expressed dissatisfaction with the long period of domestic quarantine due to the outbreak of the new epidemic of the Crown virus, noting that domestic isolation had hijacked the our lives and the best years of our lives, wishing those days to end well.

Nicole Saba
Nicole Saba

Nicole posted a black and white image of herself with a headscarf over her Instagram account, and wrote in her comment: “Yes, yes … and the days and nights of the quarantine of the house still continues … and you nailed us with it as if the weather was good, but the difference is what takes away our lives and the best years of our lives “God makes these days good and we will finish them well .. Pay attention as you are “.


It should be noted that the Lebanese star Nicole Saba had congratulated the viewers and fans of the TV website “Al Youm Al Sabea”, for the new year 2021, wishing her a happy new year for everyone and that everyone had fun with the his family and loved ones..

Nicole Saba added, during a special video for “The Seventh Day TV”: “Every year, you’re good, and you get a sweet New Year. Lord of the year you’ve missed this year, because it was a lonely and depressing year, and a lot of people lost their love and people were depressed and full of negative energy. ““.

And Nicole Saba continued: “We want to throw the year that passed behind us and be optimistic about the new year, God willing, and I consider 2020 to be a trial year, we have we have learned many needs and we have learned that we enjoy the smallest needs and know their value, and while we were in a stage of patience and we have learned to be patient and strong ”.“.

Nicole Saba concluded, “We want 2021 to be full of positive energy and full of strength, endurance and patience because we have counted many needs and seen many needs and we will make up for them, God willing, and I wish you a happy new year, and the most important need is your health and being with the people you love.“.

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