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A. Unikauskas: We are healthy as long as we are sensitive to insulin


"If we care about our health and we want to assess if we have excess fat, it's worth determining the volume of the hull," says Professor Alvidas Unikauskas of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

According to popular medicine sources, if the male hull volume exceeds 94 cm and women 80, the risk of health disorders has increased significantly.

A. Unikauskas is not so categorical in this case and suggests otherwise – the torso should not be more than 50 percent of its height. So, if the person's height is 2 meters, you can have a tread width of 1 meter. According to the doctor, there is not enough talk about abdominal pain, but this is not just an aesthetic problem, in the last period of civilization that is being pursued by an ordinary man.

"There are two things: if the fat is raised under the skin – half of the problem. It's much worse if they leave vital organs, or, in other words, these organs have overcame fat.The big stomach when a person no longer sees his legs, the doctor calls penguin syndrome. Such a tumor is threatened by inconvenience, excessive internality, called visceral fat, which causes inflammation and the risk of many serious illnesses, including early death, "said the professor, the dangerous consequences of obesity.

There are two things: if the fat gets under the skin – half of the problem. It's much worse if they leave vital organs, or, in other words, these organs have overcome fat.

It is often believed that fat accumulation in the abdomen is inevitably increased with age. Professor says differently. And he notices that the big stomach is a dangerous thing. "What depends on whether a sick person is healthy or already ill? We are healthy only when we are sensitive to insulin. Weight does not increase, blood pressure is normal, thinking is clear, sleeping is good, there are no carcinogens and we feel incredible ", – says the doctor.

But one day, according to the professor, everything begins to change. The cells begin to hit on the abundance of food and the closed insulin channel. They stop responding to insulin. From that moment, the complex and perfect body begins to go through unwanted processes. "When blood sugar increases, weight begins to grow and disease begins," explains A. Unnikauskas, before he started working on TV career, I joined the fact that he was also involved in an unhealthy magical way of life and an abnormal increase in weight and anxiety overweight.

Within a few months, he freed 30 pounds of weight and continues to slide further, and his chosen weight loss method is not unique.

"I just started to eat rarely, let's call it a post, at all times, people did it. They did not eat the way we are now, it's hard to imagine a person 100,000 years ago who came out of the cave and ran away to buy something for snack, "the professor laughs. – Our body remained exactly the same as ten thousand years ago. And the brain. And the way of life changed radically, and people suddenly began to die.

LRT's leader, "Ask Doctor", who follows his nutritional principles, carefully meets food. But they do not buy anything that is marked, because even the longest list of products listed in the product loses accuracy.

"Now, more than half a hundred different types of sugar are counted, and it's impossible to know exactly what's included in the product." This is a commercial secret, "the doctor describes the manufacturer's tricks and suggests first of all to consider the life of the rhythm and to review your diet.

What should first be left to return to the right leg of the torso, how is the stomach related to the frequency of eating and what is the most appropriate way of life for each age group?

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