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Advise pregnant women and breastfeeding: what vaccines are not available and what vaccines are needed at least one month before pregnancy


– What vaccines are safe during pregnancy?

– Although vaccination during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended, you should always take into account the risk-benefit ratio (high prevalence of illnesses, where the potential benefit outweighs the potential risk or the trauma of vaccination against tetanus). Since infections with rubella and chickenpox are especially dangerous for both the fetus and the infants, it is recommended that women (without immunity, that is, not vaccinated or not) be vaccinated against these infections.

Pregnancy and vaccination

Pregnancy and vaccination

Vaccination is recommended at least 1 month before conception to develop immunity

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Vaccination is recommended at least 1 month before conception to develop immunity.

We will advise pregnant and lactating mothers who do not travel to exotic countries, but if travel is planned in advance, it is very important to ensure good hygiene conditions throughout the trip. In no case, the yellow fever vaccine should be vaccinated compared to pregnant or lactating women, so it is advisable to abandon the trips to the endemic countries of yellow fever, 39; admit non-vaccinated people.

– What are the possible adverse reactions to the vaccine?

– The most frequent side effects with vaccination are mild, short-term and do not require treatment. Inactivated vaccines often cause local reactions (redness, swelling, pain at the site of the injection) and general reactions (fever, general weakness, drowsiness, fatigue). These symptoms usually last up to 2-3 days.

– Are there differences in pregnancy during pregnancy? When is the minimum damage?

– Vaccination with a seasonal flu vaccine is recommended at any time during pregnancy. Flu is one of the most common respiratory infections caused by viruses. For pregnant women, the risk of flu complications is much greater than that of non-pregnant women. Therefore, the World Health Organization has included pregnant women from the risk group. The flu virus is dangerous for the entire pregnancy, but it is especially dangerous for the development of the fetus during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Although there are no official recommendations for vaccination against pertussis infection in Lithuania, this practice is not applicable, but the vaccine summary of the characteristics of the vaccine (used in combination with components of the diphtheria and tetanus) allows the vaccination of women in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Cough convulsion is an acute infectious disease characterized by severe coughing. Cough convulses a sick person, talks about it, sneezes, cough. The disease is often spread by adults, who do not know they have pertussis. In adults, symptoms tend to be weaker, so cough convulses with other upper respiratory infections, and infants and infants are infected very quickly with this infection, which is especially dangerous for them, as they often have complicated complications

Advise pregnant women and breastfeeding: what vaccines are not available and what vaccines are needed at least one month before pregnancy

– Why is not recommended the vaccination against the measles in pregnant women?

– The vaccine against pregnancy against measles infection should not be done according to the summary of the product characteristics of the immunological medication. It also plans to avoid pregnancy for a month after vaccination. Measles during pregnancy can cause serious complications for both the mother and the fetus. For example, spontaneous abortion, premature birth and fetus can lead to complications such as developmental disorders, etc.

In general, live attenuated vaccines for pregnant women are contraindicated (they should not be vaccinated). Live attenuated vaccines: chickenpox, measles, rubella, parotiditis, yellow fever. There is no vaccination system with live attenuated vaccines for pregnant women.

– What other vaccines can cause complications during pregnancy?

– Pregnant vaccinations can be used safely for pregnant women, and live attenuated vaccines are contraindicated (for example, measles, rubella, mumps vaccine, varicella and yellow fever vaccine) .

– Is it safe to get vaccinated during breastfeeding?

– Because most mothers have not been evaluated for breastfeeding safety or the availability of limited data, it is recommended that mothers should not be vaccinated according to the summary of the product's characteristics.

– What protection measures would it recommend to pregnant women to prevent them from becoming infected with diseases that can not be vaccinated?

– It is important to avoid mass meetings, follow the basic rules of hygiene and control your health and worry about your health. Get in touch with your GP.

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