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After defeating Jasikevičius, he dropped his players: they did not reach the match


The eighth position of the regular season trying to prevent Skycop from submitting a serious request and 81:76 (23:20, 13:24, 21:12, 24:20) was trapped with Grunwald, which was the first defeat of the championship of the country since March 4. . It was only the first victory of the Brigades against the Greyhounds since 2014.

"I want to congratulate Prien on the victory. The Prien team was the one who fought today. I often assume the responsibility of not preparing the equipment, I will not do it today. My players did not reach the game today. So, "said Mr. Jasikevičius.

Asked if he was able to control his hands at some point, Zalgiris coach responded negatively: "I do not think we had control of the game ever. At least I did not see it.

The strategist Skycop Virginijus Šeškus fainted: "It's good to win, and when you win against" Grunwald "it is 10 times more pleasant, because in the coaching race there are few who will win against" Grunwald " .

According to him, the harder for Prienai, the better. "We played seven or six. Today, people who earn more points did not play. The entrance of two young people to the place was very satisfied. Not only did they wake up and hit the three points. Either way, you have to believe in young people. Thanks, men, you have fought, one of the best games this season, "he said.

Praising Žygimantas Janavičius, Dariašas and Kšištofas ​​Lavrinovičius, Šeškus did not deny that his students were successful today.

"They got lost, and we hit, but today we have a square, semi-personal, but very cool means have them it came out When you win, everything seems to be fine. Žalgiris did not play with the maximum energy, helped us. They came and thought they would make things easier. The carrier could have made the previous match for them, "said the coach.

M. Gecevicius and M. Grantas, who could not help Skycop, collected 25.1 points this season. For this reason, Ernest Mankauskas, 19, has also appeared, who has played only 8 minutes before the end of the season. Before the champion of Lithuania, the defense played 10 minutes and managed to throw three points.

In this game, Šarūnas Jasikevičius played without one of the team leaders, Marius Grigonis, who lost a meeting about the birth of his son.

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