Monday , May 10 2021

Artist A. Petras: People return to me

Audrone Petrasiunaite, who is preparing for his personal exhibition at the Kaunas Gallery, will present non-painting this time. For the first time in Kaunas artists will be presented embroidered carpets and cycles of graphic works: Snow hours, Ami Vinehouse Vertigo, body of houses and monotypes created for 1998.

At the beginning of 2016, the artist presented the latest paintings in the "Generation Fracture" gallery at the exhibition that follows the exhibition cycle. On November 22, there will be no painting works, but this time viewers see recognizable motifs. They, as the artist says, are repeated in carpets, graphics and painting.

"They travel from one part to another, for example, a motif with a fascinating, good, thick roar that jumped over the fence and grazed my garden – it's also on canvas, and we grow up. I dreamed of a" Transparent Woman "embroidered with textile At the time it was difficult to paint, I saw him in a dream, a woman who leaned in and said: look at my center, see how everything in me shines, as an answer – pay attention to the center of the image and everything will work. First of all, I painted it in graphics, and later I am bound, "- writes A.Petrasiunaite.

Although the graphics are more productive in the winter period, and carpet tying in the long and splendid summer days, everything is created together, regardless of the season, the intuitive feeling of what creative expressions they want.

Graphic is called an artist as an adventure: "In the graph, you never know what will happen." A similar miracle occurs in carving. Painting often follows the nose, requires layers, it wants viscosity of color and texture. , it's like reverse graphics – in the graphic line, in carpets in the connection. "

As in painting, as in graphic art, the presence of a man is important in carpets. In some ways, the painter portrays others including dream actors or famous pop culture icons, such as Amy Vinehouse.

Nevertheless, in works, the artist makes it very clear to the viewer to feel a sustainable relationship between man and nature. Although a modern man is trying to deny, he is, according to the painter, a part of nature. The more he denies, the more he is ill, his psyche is more likely to ruin it.

Suddenly, one day, I felt that the view through the window was the same, although it was not the same. From this moment creativity begins.

"In my things, man and nature are almost the same. If you feel plants, animals, if you can have contact with them, it enriches your inner world and you never feel unhappy," says Petrashiuneite, and notes that a man must be open. "If you see nature as a botanical textbook or zoo, it will not say anything to you. I lived in Vishakio Ruta, a village in the past 15 years. I saw the same image from the window of my house the same year, but suddenly one day I feel that a glance through the window This is the same thing, but it's not the same thing. Starting from this moment begins creativity. Eastern wisdom says that the world can be recognized through the doorstep of the home, and sometimes I follow this principle. "

Exhibitions in works are less self-aware and calm, harmonious. "I feel that after all the pains that were involved in leg surgery a few years ago, the world returns to me again," the artist welcomes.

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