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I thought it was a flu

Systemic lupus erythematosus is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that affects various internal organs and systems.

It develops when immunity from viruses, bacteria and other "intruders" begins to stop, who is his, and what is an alien, mistakes recognize and destroy his body. As a result, autoimmune diseases are very subdued. Information about them on the website.

Kauneiete Valda, a 44-year-old woman, has been ill for nine years in Vilkavik. Disability rate – seven. Two years passed before the diagnosis was established.

"When I first became ill, the temperature was increasing, I thought I was a flu. When the body was bruised, blood flowed into the capillaries, I thought it was a complication of the flu," said Valda, the family doctor did not immediately suspect the lupus.

When bruising disappears, headaches are similar to migraines several times. Very poor, the temperature is rising again.

"I dismissed ambulance, injected blood vessels and everything," says Valda.

Another disease has contributed

Lavender was found in clinics in Kaunas after numerous studies and studies. At first there was a suspicion of cancer of the blood.

When she sees her chromatic – better because she is not that dangerous, Valda just laughs. But when she was in the Department of Hematology at the Clinic in Kaunas, everyone said: God, it's young and cancerous.

"Now I'm smiling because I met the illness, and then my daughter was eleven, and the most troubling question is who will grow up and give a child. I was already divorced with my husband", – says Valda, and admits that at that time she was constantly crying.

Now, the woman does not cry because she is ill, although she knows perfectly well, how hard and crazy she is.

"If redness on the face was a form of butterflies – it would be more clear to doctors. My illness is different, it's hiding, it's hard to detect," the doctors justify the patient.

Less often, lupus erythematosus – and thrombocytopenia are diagnosed. This is a condition in which the number of platelets temporarily or continuously decreases. Blistering of the skin, bruises, blood in the urine, gastrointestinal bleeding, in the brain, abnormal, prolonged periods, chewing bleeding are signs of thrombocytopenia. This disease can be due to lupus.

Now, the woman does not cry because she is ill, although she knows perfectly well, how hard and crazy she is.

It's a very difficult summer

Blood strokes in the bloodstream were below the critical limit, and this reduction means that a minimal trauma can begin with unstoppable, even spontaneous bleeding. The woman felt very bad when a death attack took place. Just freeze, rub your fingers, scratch the bones.

"If I take flu drugs, the level of blood platelets decreases, while one treats, the other complicates, it's because of paracetamol, until I knew what I was," Valda said.

The lupus often turns swiftly, when a patient feels good for one minute and the other can no longer move: joint pain, bone pain, temperature rise. Bol Valdas often, often several times a week, is the strongest in the evening.

"Recently, it hurts every night, and if you do not feel pain, it's a holiday", – summarizes.

Such a feeling of aliens. Valda felt very bad this summer. The amount of platelet count has not been normalized for a long time and was therefore very poor.

"Day is sleepiness, night is night, insomnia," the woman described her condition. "It looks like you know what you have, you can control the disease, but it does not always lose. Sometimes it's so weak, you do not get up in the morning and you do not know what happened, to improve, but to become even worse, it turns out that in the mouth of the drug does not have a cure, nor does it compensate for any other additional remedy for which it is not compensated. "

Valum is a rheumatologist, a hematologist, a family doctor. Help is needed by a psychotherapist. This year, for the first time in nine years, when Valda was ill, her illness was severely aggravated.

"I was seriously ill and I could not work for three months," Valdas admitted 50%. working capacity.

Just three months

Valdas, despite a poor health condition, can not work because his pension is only 114 euros. But after I recently fell ill the second time this year, I learned that I would not get a sick salary because I already used the "limit".

"When I arrived at SODRE, I was told that incapacity does not depend on disability. When I ask how to survive from € 114 to pay taxes, I buy food and medicine, I learned that in order to receive sickness compensation, I have to give up my disability . Hello, "- the woman was sadly embarrassed.

He said he had lost the illness, Valda says after receiving the second blow this year for the second time. It turns out that she was obliged to return the benefit to the workplace she received in the first two days of the illness.

"The sickness benefit is paid and paid in accordance with the Law on Social Insurance for Diseases and Maternity, which stipulates that insured persons who receive a state social insurance pension due to incapacity for work (disability) start paying sickness benefits from the third day of temporary incapacity and pay up to 90 calendar days. "Asked why Wald did not receive a sick salary for the second time, Kauno diena explained Irina Jiežita, chief specialist of the SODRE Communications Department, and stressed that the sickness benefit is no longer payable if b Wood period exceed 90 calendar days.

The advice is shocked

She is worried what will happen if she is older than three months in the future and will not get even a penny from Sodra or her employer.

"If my sister did not help, my daughter, who was already grown up and started working, would not survive just because of her disability. So far I have worked hard, I did not ask, I did not ask for special conditions or preferences, but now, learning how little we are , I take care of all people with disabilities. After all, we stay in life, we want to work and earn, so why are we offended? "- asks the woman.

Regardless of the level of working capacity, Valdas believes that the pension for pensions is very low.

"This year, when I felt very bad, I went to the Disability Commission, I said that it was difficult for me to trade in the area where I worked. I suggested leaving the job, staying without additional income and waiting, maybe someone offered something somewhere, "she said, not without craving. Dominate

She is pleased to finally start employers to encourage recruiting at least some people with disabilities. And they are surprised why they are discriminated, limiting the period of illness when they can get sick. Simona Aglinskaite, representative of the Lithuanian Disability Forum, confirmed that the forum raised questions at meetings with the representatives of the Ministry of Social Security and work for a long time and sought ways to find a solution, but so far no prosecutor.

"At the moment, the Law on Social Insurance of Diseases and Maternity Insurance does not provide another period for paying sick leave for insured persons who receive a state pension for social insurance due to incapacity for work (disability)," I.Diežaite, a representative of Sodra, said.

Does not this law change? Asta Kubiliene, president of the health committee Seimas, replied that she was not responsible for the commission under her leadership.

It was worse

"It was intended that due to the same type of insured event two full social security benefits for similar purposes would not be paid", – no changes to the law, and the objective of consolidating the existing method was emphasized by Egle Samoskaite, advisor to the Minister for Social Security and Labor.

She reiterated that the sickness benefit from the State Social Security Fund was paid no later than 90 calendar days in the calendar year of the insured who receives a state social insurance pension due to incapacity for work (disability) when he is ill for illness or injury and has therefore lost income from work.

"If it is determined that a person has a certain degree of incapacity for work, but does not receive a pension for insurance against state social insurance (disability), the sick leave from the State Social Security Fund is paid in accordance with the general procedure and the deadline of 90 calendar days not applicable, and this 90-day limit has been in force since 2002. sick people were able to receive sickness benefits up to 30 calendar days a year, "- as if to congratulate E. Samoski and emphasized that it had previously been worse .

Redirects to municipalities

The Ministry of Social Insurance and Labor shows that social insurance contributions are not covered by paid payments from employees, therefore this type of insurance represents a loss. According to data from this year, the 2017 National Social Insurance Fund had more than 116 million more for the payment of a sickness benefit. euro

"After establishing an unlimited period for payment of sick leave for persons receiving disability pension, health insurance costs would increase and this would increase the current imbalance in this type of insurance. In this context, there is currently no need to change existing arrangements," – Advisor to Minister E. Samooshka does not have the hope that people with disabilities will live better.

The aim is that due to the same type of insured event, two rights of social security of the same size are not paid, which are similar in nature.

True, they provide a recipe for their support, which Valdas, unfortunately, does not belong because he works and wants to work.

"Persons whose work, social security and other income based on objective reasons that do not depend on them can be provided monetary social assistance: social supplement, compensation for heating apartments, drinking water and hot water. Income per person per month is lower than income sponsored by the state – 122 euros ", – explains the representative of the Ministry of Health and Labor E.Samoscaite.

It refers to another source of support – the municipalities that have the best knowledge of the population, have the right to provide social assistance in unforeseen cases. For example, the allocation of a one-time, targeted, periodic, conditional allowance, when support is not or is not sufficient in accordance with established legal regulations, but in the case of difficult situations this is necessary.

No dignity

"People with disabilities also receive food, funded by the European Fund for the benefit of the poorest people," the Ministry of Social Security and Labor says it is concerned about people who are not able to make money.

Unfortunately, the dignity of promising young people, people looking for their state of mind, can not be a language.

According to the Ministry of Health, a total of 997 people in our country suffer from systemic lupus erythematosus. It works and it's not bad for long. Would the Sodinsky budget really suffer if the sickness benefits were paid more than 90 days a year?

"The state contributes as much as possible to services and remedies in order to alleviate this burden on people. Approximately 200,000 euros a year is allocated from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund for treatment, and this year more than 260,000 euros is intended to compensate this the drug of people suffering from the disease, because the basic price of necessary drugs is 100% discount, "said Gabriel Banaitite, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health.

About the disease

Systemic lupus erythematosus is a chronic disease. Her course is different and unpredictable. Signs of illness may appear abruptly or appear slowly, varying degrees of severity and different expressions. The disease is diagnosed in an advanced stage, which is, in fact, incurable.


The exact causes of the disease are not known. Its appearance is triggered by external factors such as sun rays, some viral infections, drugs, hormonal imbalance during puberty. It was found that women were 10 times more likely to suffer from this disease than men. People of any age may be affected, but the disease is usually diagnosed in people aged 10 to 50 years. According to the World Health Organization, 10% of the disease is dying. sick


In the disease, every body reacts in its own way and is very unspecific: fever, muscle and joint pain and tiredness are frequent. The disease is characterized by non-specific long-term, low-grade fever. Inadequate fever begins with systemic internal and external organ failure.

Communities tenderness, pain, the island are common; weak joints in the joints, fingers, knees. The pain can be shifted from one joint to the other, but the joints are not deformed. Sometimes you may develop muscle inflammation, muscle aches.

A typical symptom of the disease is the red skin rash on the butterfly, which covers the cheeks and back, which makes the sun more difficult.

More than half of patients have been affected by kidneys. Development of kidney inflammation, in which the kidneys can no longer remove toxic substances from the body, progress to renal failure.

Inflammation of the heart muscle can lead to pains such as inflammation. Blood circulation can be disturbed. The toes are pale, they get lost, they hurt. Such spasms cause cold, stress and pain.

When the nervous system is affected, there is headache, dizziness, convulsions, vision, behavioral disorders, and often depression.

Diagnosis and treatment

In order to diagnose the disease, patient complaints are described, specific signs are required (butterfly rash) and investigations are carried out to determine a damaged system or organ. Laboratory testing is also unambiguous, so it is very important to diagnose eritematous lupus correctly so that appropriate treatment can be selected. The disease is diagnosed with an active stage where the process of degradation of the body progresses, and therefore a complete remedy can not be expected. The main goal of the treatment is monitoring the signs of the disease and stopping the process of internal degeneration. Hormones, immunosuppressants, are used, depending on the stage of the disease and treatment therapy.


Over time, lupus can damage various organs, cause various complications. This includes blood vessels in the blood vessels, infarction, stroke, lung and kidney damage, complications during pregnancy and spontaneous abortion.

The following deterioration and complication of the disease are important for lupus erythematosus:

The rash that is characteristic of this disease worsens the sun, so it is important to wear protective clothing, glasses and sunlight ultraviolet rays.

Treatment with strong hormonal drugs can cause bone loss.

Prevention of heart disease is also very important.

Source: Center for Disease Prevention and Prevention

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